Friday, March 12, 2021


Roe finds herself alone with a baby and has no clue how to take care of it.  Four hours earlier she finds out she is an aunt and the only thing keeping the child out of foster care.  When her boyfriend of a few years arrives home he tells her to get rid of it or he is leaving.  She has no clue why they were still even together.  

Roe arrives at work so tired from lack of sleep she practically has her coffee cup directly under the drip.  She turned around startled to find a man so close behind her she accidentally spills coffee on her hand and down his shirt.  The jerk has the nerve to yell she is incompetent.   She'll shoe him incompetent as she pours the rest of her coffee down his suit.  When she arrives at work her laptop is missing and only finds a note saying YOU'RE  MINE and told that she has been temporarily reassigned. 

Thane was being an ass and he knew it, but getting Roe riled up was just too much fun.  Their conversations were full of anger and sexual tension.  Definitely not workplace-appropriate,  but he just didn't care.  

I love Roe and Thane's interactions.   Her angry barbs made Thane push her buttons more.  Roe is an amazing woman who has taken on a major responsibility despite what it cost her.  Thane is a gorgeous man who didn't think he deserved love.  Their chemistry is smoking hot as are the sex scenes.  All of the characters are amazing - even those who aren't that good in person.   You will laugh and cry.  

Highly recommend this book!  Looking forward to reading more books by K. I. Lynn.

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