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Lisa Kirkpatrick is stubborn, but she's not stupid. If this guy needs a date to evade an unwanted admirer, who is she to object? It's not as if handsome men are lining up to ask her out. Sure, they know there's a woman in the wheelchair, but it would never occur to them that there's a WOMAN in the wheelchair. He notices. This solid, fun, straight-shooting guy ticks off every box on her ideal man list. But why do they call him Slick?

Roger Plankey thought his life was full until he walked into the town clerk's office and laid eyes on the woman behind the counter. A spunky, independent woman with a dash of humor and just enough sass to keep him on his toes. She fills that unknown void in his life like she was made for him. But is there such a thing as too perfect?

The Unexpected Gentleman by Augustina Van Hoven

Their truly revolutionary encounter

The Honorable Henry Darington, third son of the Earl of Lindford, thinks himself very ill-used by circumstances. His father does not agree, and Henry soon finds himself with a one-way ticket to the former British colonies. He's prepared for a difficult adjustment, but not for twenty-first century America, where horses are iron, women are half-naked, and his heart is endangered.

Laurel Bishop is in the midst of her feeding the animals on her little farm and worrying about a predatory developer's next moves, when she stumbles across an unconscious man. If that isn't enough, he's dressed like a character from a Jane Austen play. When she finally realizes he's the real thing—a time traveler—she's torn. He's a complete stranger. How can she just take him in? But how can she not?

Murphy's Choice by Becke Turner

When a restaurant heiress can't trust her memories, she refuses to trust her sexy new dishwasher with his Sunberry connections and ties to her estranged uncle.

All he wants is a send-off breakfast before following his dream job. Instead, he's forced to choose between a dying friend, a pledge to his family, and the complex woman twisting his heart in knots.

It's going to take a Sunberry community of friends, family, and a surprise canine family to find a happily-ever-after for the youngest Murphy son.

As with all Clocktower Romances, each is a complete story with its own happily-ever-after.

A Serial Killer's Desire by CF Rabbiosi

He's a rich bad boy. She's a damaged beauty. Same old story?

Not even close.

Because he's not just gorgeous, he's deadly. He lures women into his deceptive web and tortures them into submission, LOVES them to death, and won't stop until they've fallen for their captor. Won't stop until they've loved him with their last breath.

But this time, he's taken the wrong girl. This time, it could be him who's captured instead, his heart chained by an astonishingly well-matched vixen.

Content warning: this book contains graphic sex scenes, forced seduction and dubious consent.

Bearly Breathing by CD Gorri
He’s looking for his mate. She just wants to have fun.

Sweet and curvy, Leya Tremayne is tired of being a shoulder to cry on for the men in her life. Determined to shed her image, she goes on a tropical vacation with plans to let her hair down.

She meets Marcus Devlin and is instantly attracted to the devastatingly handsome stranger. He is exactly the type of man she needs to help her build her new image. Can she handle a one-night stand with this rugged Bear Shifter or will she lose her heart in the process?

Marcus Devlin is looking for his true fated mate. After months of searching, he is just about ready to give up when destiny lands in his lap. Literally.

After rescuing the beautiful blonde tourist from an untimely accident, Marcus knows instinctively that she’s the one. He just has to convince her!

INTERVIEW with Casi McLean

Timeless Treasures by Casi McLean

A hologram on Three Sisters Island whisks Summer into the past where she meets Sydney Monaco, a twenty-first century private investigator who experienced a similar anomaly. To discover where they are––and when––she convinces Sydney to hike through the dense forest...until they witness the gruesome lynching of a young woman.

When the mob leaves, they rescue the victim, but the girl confirms Summer’s greatest fear. How can she convince Sydney the ancient Celtic amulet not only transported her to another location, but it also swept her back in time to 1692 Salem––in the middle of the most histrionic witch hunt in American history.

Summer must discover why the portal thrust her through time into her haunting dreams before a hysterical town hangs them for witchcraft. With no chronometer, she is forced to rely on Sydney’s untested amulet to pluck them from their own lynching and take them home––but the artifact plots its own destination…

Can Summer find a way back to the twenty-first century before time runs out?

*** Though Summer’s story is book two of Three Sisters Island Mysteries, the story stands alone, and draws in Sydney Monaco, a popular character from Casi’s #1 Amazon best seller, Virtually Timeless. Fans will love the twists, turns, and hooks they’ve come to expect from this author.

Alice's Anger by Chariss Walker

In this psychological suspense story, Roger and Alice seemed to be the perfect couple. To the outside world, they appeared to have it all - a great marriage filled with romance and exotic vacations, money, and prestige. If one took a closer look, however, they might find that it was a marriage of chastisement.

Take a ride on the dark side with someone who simply SNAPS because they can't take it anymore!

Author warning: Dark fiction. Rated R. Violence. Partner abuse. Psychological abuse. Physical abuse. Murder. Torture.

The last time I saw her, she was marked with blood.
Now she’s returned, along with my temptation.
Our touch is blasphemous.
They say she’s tainted, but they will not speak against me.
His holy blood is in my veins and my word is truth.
I’m the f*cking Prophet.

-Laurel Ann-
For twelve years, I fought for my soul in this evil world.
Until my God sent him.
My oldest friend. The only boy I ever loved.
What we’re doing risks everything, yet we can’t stop.
When I sin with him, it’s the purest I’ve ever felt.
I lived half my life with the Philistines and I know what they call us.
Cult. Freaks. Fanatics.
But they’re wrong. We aren’t any of those things.
For we are the Anointed.

***This is a full length standalone novel containing disturbing scenes and sensitive subject matter that may be triggering to some readers.

Fulfill My Desires by Charmaine Louise Shelton

She’s a strong-willed woman with secret needs. He’s an uber-wealthy playboy who likes to hold the reins. Can one mind-blowing hookup lead to love?

Lola Lewis is an expert at hiding her yearning for sensual taboos. Driven to expand her Paris-based lingerie company into the U.S., she returns to her native New York City to pursue a partnership with a major global corporation. But when she meets a domineering stranger who promises her wicked fulfillment, she allows herself to let go of all her inhibitions.

Sebastian Steele stays on top. Though he’s focused on seizing the role of CEO at his family’s billion-dollar conglomerate, he can’t resist a confident beauty who agrees to an unbridled night of commanding passion. And he’s thrilled when the same stunning charmer walks into his office as a potential colleague, affording an opportunity to place her at his mercy a second time.

Eager to explore her darker cravings, Lola settles for a temporary mix of business with pleasure for the week before she flies overseas. But as Sebastian revels in the scorching affair, he fears the delectable distraction may jeopardize his lifelong goal of becoming the heir…

Will their blazing connection yield a red-hot mess or an irresistible contract?

Fulfill My Desires is the seductive first book in the STEELE International, Inc. billionaire romance series, and part one of the Sebastian & Lola trilogy. If you like glamorous jet-setting lifestyles, breathtaking chemistry, and blissful surrender, then you’ll adore Charmaine Louise Shelton's boardroom steam.

Borrowed Time: Book 2 - Missing by Danna Wilberg

Dreams, visions, a prescience that goes beyond intuition—what do they mean?

When Suzanne Cash develops psychic abilities after her near-death experience, she is haunted by images of a young woman in jeopardy. Although she strives to make sense of the disjointed and disturbing snippets, she finds no correlation until Detective Sam Metzger’s sister goes missing in Vienna, Austria, and the visions hit far too close to home.

Lewis Howard, a retired British meat-packer by trade, dies on the operating table during open-heart surgery. As he slips into the Hereafter, a deceased friend tells him that he must return to his body…
and find a missing girl.

Little does Lewis know that across the pond, Suzanne Cash is receiving the same information, or that their efforts will converge into a psychic collaboration, 
unheard of in any crime investigation.

Detective Sam Metzger is out of his wits when he discovers his sister Audra is not merely missing—an international, billion-dollar sex trafficking ring has abducted her.

Who can Sam trust? And who is on the take? Relying on visions from an entourage of psychics, and good old-fashion detective work, Sam is determined to find and bring his sister home. Can Suzanne translate her visions into information that will help the man she loves? Will Sam be in time to save Audra?

Has the whole world gone mad with its own demons?

The Bargain by Delta James

She betrayed the head of the Irish mafia years before. Now he's the only person that can save her sister from being murdered.

For two years I worked undercover as the lover of the most ruthless man in Ireland. The night he was arrested, my betrayal became known and I ran. Now my only remaining family, my sister has been taken by rebels. If I agree to his bargain and become his can I trust he will keep his word?

I know better than most how dark and dangerous he is but I don’t have a choice ...

The betrayal of my mate devastated me. I haven’t been with another woman since the night the feds arrested me. She thinks she can walk back into my life without reprisal?

Whether she accepts my bargain or not... she will pay for her deceit.

The Bargain is a dark suspenseful mafia romance in the Syndicate Masters series. If you like intrigue, men determined to possess their women, and the strong intelligent women who stand up to them, then you'll love Delta James' newest Kindle melting paranormal romance.

Buy The Bargain today, for a frustrated black panther shifter, second chance lovers romance with enough treachery to keep you guessing.

The Bargain is a paranormal romance with steamy heat in and out of the bedroom for mature readers only.

Gabe's Girl by EJ Frost

Three boys.
Two murders.
One terrible choice.

I survived my father, but I can't survive without my boy. I've lost one person to the fae; I won't lose another. No matter what the cost, no matter what I have to do, I'll get Gabe back. And then I'll prove his innocence.

Darwin Dùbhghlas, I'm coming for you.

Meet the bad girl of Bevington ...

Publisher's Note: Gabe's Girl is a college-aged, MMFM, whychoose romance. Book 2 ends on a cliffhanger. This book is intended for mature readers only.

Death Mask by Eric Gates

Zoe Davis, late-thirties, bookstore owner, now living with a new family in Albuquerque, NM.

Ordinary. Unremarkable.

So why are Special Ops elite soldiers trying to kill her?

Perhaps Zoe isn't who she seems to be...

2021 Reader's Favorite GOLD MEDAL AWARD winner

Agustina de Aragon by Gail Meath

Her story is so much more than a tale of war, tremendous courage, and loss. It is one of the greatest love stories in history. Based upon a true Spanish heroine.

Barcelona, Spain, 1803. Agustina Saragossa, the youngest daughter of a bladesmith, sneaks around the military barracks, yet not to snag a husband as everyone thinks. Stubborn, hot-tempered and fiercely devoted to her country, like her grandfather before her, she is far more interested in learning about the ensuing war between Britain and France than the lazy, arrogant Spanish soldiers at the compound.

When Sergeant Juan Roca, a handsome officer with a troubled past, is relocated to the barracks, he is instantly struck by Agustina’s beauty and fiery spirit. Despite her heated rejections and open mistrust, he relentlessly pursues her. Will he ever win her heart?

As the war progresses between their neighboring countries, Napoleon Bonaparte deviously orders the invasion of Spain, thinking it will be an easy task. But Agustina and Juan join the fight first as guerillas, then soldiers in their valiant effort to crush the enemy and regain the freedom of their country.

A dynamic and heartfelt story based upon true events that takes place during one of the most devastating wars in Europe. It captures the strength of unity and family and is known as one of the most powerful love stories in history.

Silent Walker by Inge-Lise Goss

The silent intruder watches Tori sleep, savoring his power as he plans his revenge.

Tori Burgess is unnerved when strange phone calls, anonymous dark gifts and odd events begin to dominate her life. She fears her ex-husband is in mortal danger, but soon realizes she’s the target. Could her new beau be the culprit or has an old enemy surfaced?

Silent Walker is“an amazing psychological thriller that is impossible to put down.”

The Prophecy of the Water Sprite by K Rose

Our kind has been enslaved by the Fae for as long as this kingdom remembers. They need us to keep water in their kingdom flowing, without it, their kind would surely all perish, as not even the powerful Fae have control over the waters that feed life to everything. Somewhere along the line, they all lost that ability, as if that element revolted against them.

For over twenty-one years I’ve been kept in the dark about my true heritage, being raised as a witch, like my auntie, that can wield water with spells. Soon I would be old enough to leave my childhood home and go beyond the protection spell that has kept me safe all these years to seek out my destiny.

A vision—perhaps even a prophecy, in the castle where I was born caused my parents to secret me away under the cover of darkness. I was saved by an unlikely partnership.

For the first time in thousands of years, the elements are set to combine into the greatest power ever known, and somehow I am the center of it all.

The power of the elements are told to bring about peace in the lands and restore life in the realm to a greatness more than it has ever been before.

No more struggles for food, no more starvation. No more taxation with penalties of death. No more hatred and fear of the rulers of the kingdom. Only prosperity, health, and maybe even something more?

Please note: This is a Reverse Harem Novel. It contains explicit content intended for adults only. 18+

Killing Spree by Kathi Goldwyn

Joshua Tree.
Brutal killings started to pop up in Oakland at the Morman Temple. By the time Body #4 was discovered the city was in a complete frenzy, fear dripped from every corner. As a Newsman, Joshua worked for the Chronicle and was assigned to report on all the mutilation and corpses haunting the town.

Dillon Meyers
Was a detective on the OPD. She had been working the streets and ridding the city of crime for years. When bodies started dropping like flies, she was assigned to work with the BAU, the smartest FBI agents she had ever met. Their job was to find the killer before another mutilated body showed up on our doorstep.

Dillon and Joshua Tree work together to find the serial killer now known as The Siren. Together, they chase the clues and witness true evil incarnate.

Follow along as they try to solve the murders and find themselves enjoying each other's company a lot more than they had expected to
But The Siren doesn't care about any of that. Her morbid sense of fun comes out to play with her sharp knives.

Falling for You...Again by Kathy Coatney

Falling For You Again: Life knocked her down, but she came up fighting.

When a small town teacher and a big city photographer meet, it’s love at first sight—until tragedy shatters their fairytale romance.

It was a choice no father should ever have to make—save one child and the other dies. And Ethan can never forgive himself for making that choice. He loves his wife, Clare, beyond reason, but his guilt has put a wedge between them.

Two years have passed and Ethan and Clare’s marriage is on life support. When Clare leaves on a photo shoot into the mountains and doesn’t return, Ethan focuses on what really matters: his wife, and the love he never meant to lose. With a blizzard looming, he will risk everything, even his life, for a second chance at love.

His Christmas Star by Kathy Mettner

Wellspring Sheriff Joe Nash is convinced nothing can take him by surprise…until a deathbed confession leaves him wondering who he is and where he belongs.

Tobi Star is in trouble. As the only working cowgirl on Bison Ridge, her job at Heavenly Lane is changing, just not fast enough. Secrets always have a way of coming out, but if hers do, her job won’t be the only thing she loses.

Joe and Tobi find themselves faced with the ghosts of their past demanding absolution; to do that, they must learn to forgive each other as they follow their Christmas star to a brighter future together.

The only thing Hyacinth wants is her life back. Literally. She and her sister were murdered by Demons, leaving her young nephew, Geordi, to his father’s family in the brutal Sicilian Mob. Then Archangel Michael offers her a deal: recapture a powerful rock the Demons stole, and she can live long enough to find Geordi a safe home. Refuse, and she’ll continue up (or down) to the Afterlife.

So, slightly more alive than dead, she heads for Turkey and the Demons, taking Geordi, her mysterious neighbor Jason, and a sexy dead guy only she can see with her. But the hardest part won’t be battling Demons, meeting Satan, or dodging Middle Eastern customs—it will be later, when Geordi is settled, and Michael rips her away again. How can she abandon her nephew? Or can she outwit the Angel of Death himself, and stay with Geordi forever?

Constantine Darke was the altar I wanted to sin on—my darkest desires made flesh—a beautiful predator I’d make mine, no matter how many scars I had to endure.

I’ve always been a survivor—death, violence, cruelty—I’ve seen it all, and I’m still here.

But nothing prepared me for Con, King of the Blackstone Vampire Clan. Nor for Robert Lockhart, who might be able to draw me out of the shadows, after nine long years in hell. Our history goes back a long time, five hundred years to be exact. Generations for me, a single lifetime for them.

As I’m drawn deeper into their savage world of blood feuds and death curses, I feel more alive than ever, despite the dangers. My enemies are no longer human. They’re faster than me, they’re stronger than me, and they have fangs.

But I have magic.

And that will be their downfall.

***Immortal Inheritance is set in the same world as the Darkfell Vampire Clan***

Sick of the constant betrayal, I’ve sworn off men for good.

But there’s no cure for my attraction to Dr. Nicholas Barnes.

I’m a magnet for egotistical playboys. It’s been years since I’ve let anyone in.

Pursuing me is merely a challenge for this overconfident ladies’ man.

What else could this handsome, arrogant surgeon want with me?

I have great friends and a job in the ER I love.

A good night’s rest is what I need. One little sleeping pill couldn’t hurt. Could it?

But this irresistible doctor even seduces me in my dreams.

It’s a delicious temptation I don’t want to stop.

Yet what happens when the line between fantasy and truth becomes blurred?

When you can no longer live with the constant deprivation?

This man is beautiful. He’s charming.

And he could be the love of my life or my complete destruction.

Hidden Gem: The Secret of St. Augustine by MS Spencer

Barnaby and Philo’s story begins with very bad chili and a dead body.

Barnaby is in St. Augustine, Florida, to teach a college seminar, and plans to use The Secret—a treasure hunt book—as a framework for his class. He enlists Philo Brice, owner of an antique map store, to aid him in seeking clues in the historic sites of the ancient city.

Together they face murderers, thieves, thugs, and fanatics, heightening their already strong attraction to each other. Can they solve the puzzle and unearth the treasure before the villains do? Philo and Barnaby pursue several twisting paths and false leads before arriving at a startling conclusion.

Life couldn’t be better for house-call veterinarian, Ginny Reese. An impending inheritance has given her options she didn’t have before, and she is about to close the deal on buying her own practice from her longtime mentor. Not to mention, she’s been spending more time with her old flame, Sheriff Joe Donegan.

But the fur flies when the practice is bought out from under her by a smoking hot newcomer who also has ties to Joe. And things get really dicey when Ginny’s outrageous mother is heard making threats against Dr. Rachel Burnham.

When the new vet dies under suspicious circumstances, all fingers point to Ginny’s mom as the primary suspect. It’s up to Ginny and her trusty German Shepherd, Remy, to find the real killer before her mother goes down for murder.

Dreamcatcher by Marilyn Barr

When tattoo artist, Gretchen O’Malley steps into the world of spiritual healing to banish the nightmare which haunts her, she crosses time and space to search for inner peace. When a spiritual journey with an eccentric Shamanic Practitioner reveals her nightmare is a piece of his past, she doesn’t trust her overwhelming attraction to him…

Shamanic Practitioner turned Vampire Makaha Juang longs to reclaim the woman who worked herself to death in the sugarcane fields of Oahu over one hundred and fifty years ago. He thanks the Gods when Kaihua enters his office—reincarnated as Gretchen. A prophetic nightmare, explosive soulmate connection, and the boundaries of his spirit contract test his morality and dedication to tenants to Shamanism.

Will he compromise his integrity in the name of love or will he free her from their karmic cord?

Trigger Warning...Mild violence, Spirituality.

The Reincarnation Series is a multiauthor series based on the vampire, reincarnation, and a second chance at love. Each has a happily ever after. Read them all, vampire romance lovers!

George Haint by Marta Moran Bishop

In the old south a haint was a ghost or evil spirit. George Haint, originally begun by Helen Diessner in 2012 takes us into the most unusual ghost story you will probably ever read.

It is not only a ghost story, but a short story of murder most foul and takes place in the mid 1800's in the Virginia City Nevada area during the gold and silver mining days. The story contains a lot of local history of the area.

The Little Black Dress by Piper James

Never underestimate the power of a little black dress. Especially one as lucky as mine.

Every time I’ve worn my favorite black dress, something good has happened. I’ve talked my way out of speeding tickets––and 
into a date with the cute cop––and I’ve found money on the ground, won cool prizes on the Las Vegas strip, and even got a cushy job with an even cushier paycheck.

It’s my lucky dress, and in it, I can’t lose.

Until I did.

Thanks to an enthusiastic bidder at an art auction, the dress failed me when I needed it most. I disappointed my boss and got fired, even though it wasn’t my fault. It was 
his. The man who writes thirty-five million dollar checks for ugly, ridiculous paintings.

Now, I’m unemployed, broke, and incredibly close to losing the life I’ve built for myself. When I score a job as an assistant to a billionaire casino owner, I’m over-the-moon happy. Hoping there’s still some luck left in my little black dress, I wear it on my first day to meet my new boss…

Jared Hart. Owner and operator of The Black Hart Casino.

And the insufferable, grumpy, 
gorgeous jerk who got me fired in the first place.

I want to tell him to take his job and shove it, but I need the money. Plus, being his assistant might give me an opportunity to exact a little payback.

Game on, sir.

Oh, and I’m setting that dress on fire the first chance I get. Its luck has 
obviously run out.

The Little Black Dress is a steamy romantic comedy with enemies who turn into lovers, lots of laughs, stellar friendships, and it brings all the heat. You might want to keep a fan nearby while you're reading.

A Dead Red Miracle by RP Dahlke

A mysterious message. A shocking suicide. A case that could blow her career before it begins. It's Southern Arizona and PI-in-training Lalla Bains is always seeking problems to fix. But when she volunteers for a all night search-and-rescue in the desert, she isn’t expecting to find an elderly Native American dancing on a cliff… or his cryptic words to her before leaping to his death. And when the man’s grandson shows up at her office demanding to speak to her supervisor, she’s convinced there’s a connection. And discovering her mentor is padding his retirement fund with blackmail victims, Lalla goes to his home for a confrontation. But her answers go up in flames when the house explodes with him inside. Until she discovers a link between her boss’s murder the body count will only go up. Can Lalla before she’s fatally ensnared? A Dead Red Miracle is the fifth book in the Dead Red humorous mystery series. If you like smart female heroines, crazy twists and turns, and fast-paced drama, then you’ll love RP Dahlke’s hilarious whodunit.

Get licensed to thrill with A DEAD RED MIRACLE today!

One shot of Vermont Grump.
One shot of Miami Sunshine.
Mix with one sweet summer and brew in a barn over six weeks as they build a tiny house together.
So much could go wrong…but so much could go spectacularly right.
Which is it going to be?

Raiden Logan:
Life. Not my forte. But here I have my one chance to change the trajectory I set for myself when I ran away from home at sixteen. Building a tiny house for a televised competition I plan to win might just put me on the map and get me that bank loan I need to start my own business. Losing isn’t an option.

For this competition, I’m allowed one assistant. I’m not going to mess up selecting one by tossing these résumés in the air and going with the first one that lands in my lap. My assistant isn’t going to be a sexy Miami beach babe who wields power tools like she wields social media. And I’m not going to fall for Georgiana Wess either, because business and pleasure shouldn’t mix and can only lead to disaster. Nope. I’m going to nail this and get the kickstart I never had.


Life, remember? Not my forte.

Georgiana Wess:
I have one summer to create and build something for myself before I return to the drudgery of working for my parents' company. The only problem? The six-foot grouch I’m teamed with.

The first thing I learn about Raiden Logan: he pushes all my buttons. The second thing? He doesn’t do things the way we do them in Miami…or anywhere else in the world for that matter. The third? He’s impossible to ignore, but I can't let him get to me because of all the ways to ruin this summer, falling in love with him would be the worst.

One Sweet Summer is a steamy contemporary romance set in small-town Vermont, with forced proximity and enemies-to-lovers tropes written in first person, dual point of view.

They each hit the trail solo in search of themselves…

Overworked entrepreneur Jules Martinez is sick and tired of men leaving her for their exes. Determined to wipe the giant, scarlet 
R for rebound off her forehead, she kicks off a yearlong vow of celibacy with five, blissful weeks backpacking her favorite trails through Washington State. Solo.

Out-of-work financial analyst Evan Davenport hasn’t been happy since camping in Scouts as a kid—before his wealthy parents and now ex-fiancé made all his major life decisions. Hoping to find joy and purpose, he buys all the latest ultralight backpacking gear, flies to Washington, and sets off alone on a weeklong speed hike through the wilderness.

Mother Nature has other plans, though, and keeps shoving Evan and Jules in each other’s paths. Usually naked. When sparks fly, can they find what they’re looking for in life together instead of apart?

Rock Paper Scissors by Tamela Miles

Rock, Paper, Scissors is a compilation of previously published stories by Tamela Miles, including four new short horror stories....

Carin has somewhere to be, but she's not leaving before she handles some unfinished business with pop star Billy Chambers.

Ten-year-old Vanessa feels unloved and abandoned by everyone. Unfortunately, her new hobby is nothing less than deadly for those around her.

Zach is the kind of man who loves love and believed that he had found his perfect match in Naomi. What happens when he is pushed to his limits after he suffers a crushing disappointment?

Aldous, a former Marine, lived a fairytale life with his wife until a tragic accident leads him into the darkest pits of human despair. He discovers that some things can't be forgiven and, if he has to pay the piper, he won't be paying alone.

Cushion by Tamela Miles

Natalie Kliebert finally has the perfect life she spent years dreaming of. She's on the fast track to her fantasy-come-true career as a therapist. If she can help pop star Billy Chambers, it will be her greatest achievement and even sweeter than earning an "A" grade.

The last thing Billy Chambers wants is anyone's help, especially when he doesn't see a single thing wrong with his life. When bossy Natalie becomes his court-appointed personal therapist, sparks fly from day one. Annoyance was never so arousing. Hooking up should be easy, but an undercurrent of evil is coming for Natalie, which may force her to reveal her deepest secret.

The problems of their pasts are no match for today's demons. Natalie and Billy must come together and be the allies they were meant to be in a supernatural fight that may cost them their lives.

Submitting to Him by Tara Conrad

An act of betrayal, a call to 911, and a note from the brother she lost give Natalie the courage to embark on a journey of self-exploration.
Unknowingly set up by their friends, Alex and Natalie spend the evening together at New York City’s Fire and Ice BDSM club.
Neither one is looking for love, but their chemistry is too strong to ignore.
They agree to a Dom/sub contract with an expiration date—the insurance policy both believe will keep their hearts safe.
Distance makes the heart grow fonder, or so they say.
Forces outside their control seek to pull them apart, but they find their way back to one another.
The couple’s connection is stronger than ever until tragedy strikes Natalie’s family.
Mistakes are made. Words that can’t be taken back are uttered.
Sometimes it takes the love of friends to pick up the pieces.
Can two broken souls find their way back to one another?

A Witch's Journey by Tena Stetler

Pepper McKay comes from a long line of powerful witches. Unfortunately, magic brings her nothing but trouble. She learned the love of wildlife rescue and rehab from her Aunt Ashling. After graduating from college, Pepper works for Salem Wildlife Sanctuary and lives from paycheck to paycheck until she inherits the McKay property in Lobster Cove. With the family land and resources, she dares to dream of starting her own wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center.

Lathen Quartz, a former Navy SEAL turned handyman maintains the enchanted McKay property for the McKay estate. But someone is trying to steal the McKay magic. Lathen offers to help Pepper achieve her life-long dream of building a wildlife center. During the long hours spent together on the project, their mutual attraction can’t be denied. But each harbors a deep, dark secret. Will they overcome their demons and give love a chance?

Sabal Palms and the Southern Squall by Terry Overton

Elaine Smith lived in the small coastal town of Sabal Palms long enough to know when to worry about a squall and when to simply close the windows and wait for it to pass. This one would be significant. It would be significant in terms of damage, but that was to be expected. What no one expected was the profound effect it would have on the lives of people from the Texas coast to New York City. Positive qualities of humanity are often displayed during times of natural disaster.

But a supernatural power had attached to this storm and subsequently worked within the hearts of the most needy, the most lonely, and the most sinister. The lives of four delightful women, a homeless teen, a rebellious son, a grieving lover who is at the bottom, a son who lost his faith, and a hired murderer, are all intertwined in the aftereffects of a Category 3 hurricane thanks to a few passages written by one determined woman.

Chasing the Captain by Terry Shepherd

Jessica Ramirez is after the one bad guy who got away in Terry Shepherd's five-star debut,"Chasing Vega." The chase takes her to the death chamber at a prison in Nashville, the London rooftops and the heart of Moscow, where The Captain is about to execute a deadly plan that threatens to shift the balance of world power.

Terry Shepherd's diverse ensemble cast is back with enough twists and turns to make your head spin. Chasing the Captain is another wholly satisfying, screen-worthy popcorn thriller that Tori Eldridge, author of the Lily Wong Thrillers calls, 
"a fast-paced international adventure."

D.P. Lyle, author of the Jake Longly and Cain/Harper Thriller series says Chasing the Captain, "
A break-neck ride crammed with tension, action and kick-ass characters."

McKenna Mystery author Kate Anslinger says, "
Terry Shepherd is one of those rare authors who can bookend a masterful action scene with poetic prose, descriptive settings, and human emotion, leading readers to fall effortlessly into the diverse worlds he creates."

As you dive into Chasing the Captain, you'll become immersed in the adventure, too.

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