Monday, May 31, 2021


She overhears a male and female voice in the chemistry lab planning to drug a Martin.  The only one she knows is the heir Sendake Telecom Systems.  Martin was a 6'3" physical manifestation of Hercules and captain of the rowing team.  He was also a manwhore and kind of a jerk.

She can't believe what she is hearing.  They are planning to drug Martin so she can get him alone for sex so she can record the whole thing to extort money.  And praying she gets pregnant. 

Her mother may be a US Senator, her father the dean of the college of medicine at UCLA, and her grandfather an astronaut, but his family was billionaires. 

After Martin arrives and confirms he'll be at tonight's party the guy leaves and Martin opens the cabinet doors to find Kaitlyn hiding inside.  She had been recalling synonyms to calm herself as she hid.

When Martin opens the cabinet there she is in hiding and trying unsuccessfully to scratch an itch between her shoulder blades.  The next thing she knows he has his arms around her scratching her back, then massaging and then he's kissing her.  What?  Why?  She is so confused she leaves running forgetting what she needs to tell him.

Her best friend now has her in a tight, short dress with her hair down and eyebrows plucked wearing makeup.  It's no wonder no one at the fraternity party recognizes her.  She just needs to get him the information and leave.

I loved this book even though it has a major cliffhanger.   I love all the characters.   They are well written and full of life.  Kaitlyn is so insecure to the point of hiding because of anxiety.   Her coping mechanism is endearing.   Martin is used to getting what he wants, but doesn't trust anyone because all people see is his family name and billions.

Martin's actions at the end of this book are very confusing and I can't wait to see how he gets out of this mess.  

This book is steamy hot!  Every time Martin bit Kaitlin's neck I got chills.  The book is so well written and the storyline is wonderful.  I really look forward to reading the rest of Kaitlyn and Martin's story.  Highly recommend this book and love Penny Reis. 

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