Thursday, May 27, 2021


Stone co-owned the Whispers Resort and Spa with his brothers and since he was a trained chef his brothers wanted him to open a restaurant in the resort.  He just didn't know what type of food he would like to serve.

He was at a nightclub with four friends celebrating his twenty-seventh birthday when he realized he didn't want this life anymore.   Partying and dancing with a stranger.  He decided to leave his friends partying, but he needed food to soak up all the liquor he'd consumed and had the Uber drive him to a burger joint.

He didn't expect to get the roach special!!!

Jessa was an intern at the hospital and was so close to her dream of being a doctor.  She was the night manager at the Hamburger Hut and if it wasn't for their tuition reimbursement program she would have left years ago. 

Stone only had a few hours before the board meeting with his brothers and cousins.  The longer he sat through the meeting and heard their contributions over the last year the worse he felt about not having any idea how to contribute to the family business.  

I loved this book.  I haven't read the complete Irresistible Brothers series, but I look forward to catching up with all the brothers and cousins.

I love all the characters and how they are part of each individual story.  The bond and support for each other are heartwarming.  

I loved the storyline of this book and it flowed nicely.  Stone did a lot of growing up in this story going from a partying playboy to a responsible business owner and a man you'd be proud to call yours.

Jessa had a hard time accepting help and wanted to reach her life goal of being a doctor by not depending on her family wealth.  It was nice when she finally realized accepting that help didn't mean she was dependent.

This is a wonderful romance and I would highly recommend it!


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