Saturday, May 22, 2021



This is a two-book stand-alone novel collection.

Emma hated Christmas and couldn't believe that her brother was blackmailing her to join a treasure hunt.  And to make sure that she played, the prize was family Christmas ornaments that she thought were lost in the fire that took everything, including their parents.

Gordon is an NFL Quarterback known for his temper and playboy lifestyle and the last person his best friend wants near his sister.

I love this book.  Gordon is so full of himself, but you still love him.  This book is steamy hot and at times funny.  I died at this...""Alright," I relented.  "But I'm not wearing one of your reindeer sweaters.  Roger could look like a human stable all he wants.  I'm not going down with him."

Sheila and Sylvester have known each other from childhood.  She was his first kiss.  He broke her heart when he left to make a mark in the world telling her she had no part in his future.

Sylvester was now one of the richest men in the country who went through women like socks.  All he wanted was power and then more power and to conquer the world one pair of panties at a time and drink himself stupid.

This is a great book.  From the beginning, you get a feel for their hatred for each other due to the past.  Her snarky remarks are hilarious and he is beyond a jerk.  

Highly recommend.

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