Sunday, May 2, 2021

REVIEW - TAKE ME HOME by Jean Stokes

Caroline is back in Charmed and luckily it's on the right side of the tracks this time.  She's excited for a new start and her upcoming job at the hospital as an emergency room nurse.

Dean's mother is on his case again to find a woman and give her grandkids.   Even suggesting he join Tinder.  Is she insane?  Not only does cattle ranching take up all his time meeting someone online is not how he wants to meet someone. 

After running into the sheriff at the diner Caroline knew she couldn't put it off any longer so she drove out to Dean's ranch.  Better she drops the bomb herself instead of him hearing it from someone else.

I loved this book.  The sparks between Dean and Caroline are literally explosive.  The calm Dean seen by the town and his friends flies out the window when he's near Caroline.  Throw a match and they will blow up and kill each other.  I love all the characters and how they support each other.  The storyline and action keep your attention from page one.  This book is very well written and spot-on for small-town living.

Highly recommend this book and series and definitely add Jean Stokes to your favorite author's list.

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