Saturday, May 22, 2021


Jessy was doing her daily run and couldn't help thinking that the sharks should have gone south by now, but it was October and they showed no interest in leaving.  She was a marine conservation biologist and considered the sharks she has tagged as hers.  

Since it was high tide she was running on the pier.  In the past, she would have run closer to the woods, but after her friend was kidnapped a few months ago by a serial rapist and killer she wasn't taking any chances.

As she's running she hears an animal crying but then realizes it's not an animal but a man hanging onto the rocks getting pounded by the waves.  Not seeing anyone to help her she grabs a life boey and dives in only to realize it's not a man but a teenager. 

Darryl is Sharp's Cove Fire Chief and when he sees Jessy's windbreaker and sneakers he looks over the pier to see why the insane woman is in the water.  He is going to kill her!

Darryl may have been the most attractive man she's ever seen, but he was a pompous a$$.  After helping her when she first arrived in Sharp's Cove he tried to hook up with her and she was in no state of mind for that since her fiance's suicide.

When strange things start happening to Jessy Darryl insists she move in with him to keep her safe.

This is the third book in the Sharp's Cove series and it is just as amazing as the first two books.  JR Pace's attention to detail really brings this story more to life for me.  The depth of detail in underwater diving, firefighting, and sharks gave the story more depth. 

I love all the characters in this series as they are all so full of life.  I can feel them gasping for breath and the tears falling down their face.  The sex scenes are smoking hot 🔥 and the chemistry between Jessy and Darryl is wonderful even when Jessy was determined to dislike Darryl. 

The storyline is full of action, suspense, and romance.  I truly love JR Pace novels and think they would make amazing movies!  Definitely highly recommend it!

THREE TIMES ABLAZE is book three of the SHARP'S COVE Series!

Start reading THREE TIMES ABLAZE today!
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Start reading the SHARP'S COVE Series today!
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