Friday, May 14, 2021

REVIEW - CHASING HER FIRE by Claire Kingsley

Logan was so drunk he could barely get his pants off and he needed to get them off NOW!  He's having a hard time lining up with the woman he is with until he finally flips her on her stomach, lifts up her a$$, and grabs her hair.  Finally, he's where he needs to be and as they both shatter with their release he blacks out cold.

When Logan wakes up he is naked and alone and still drunk.  Had he been with someone?  He was alone so probably not, but what an awesome dream.  

Cara loved Grace more than anyone, but instead of having a sexless non-lesbian life-partner marriage with her Grace had married her high school sweetheart, Asher.  She just needed to get used to not seeing her as much as before.  But, that meant spending more time with the Bailey brothers. 

Cara and Logan had been at each other's throats for years.  Her best friend Grace was married to his oldest brother Asher so unfortunately, she ran across him way too often.  She especially wanted nothing to do with him now.  Did he even remember their drunken night after Skylar's book release party?  And why does he have to smell so good and why is she even noticing?

I have been waiting so much for Logan's story and Claire Kingsley outdid even my wildest expectations!  I love all the brothers, but Logan and Cara's story has to be the steamiest of them all.  If you thought their chemistry was off the charts before beware because this book is smoking hot.

We finally get to meet Cara's mom....unfortunately and get to understand more why she has such a high wall around her emotions.   Once Logan found the crack in her armor he didn't let up.

Logan.  With his ugly tube socks and broisms.   What can get better than a sexy firefighter?  Nothing!

And the feud continues...the Bailey Haven feud, that is.  No one knows when or how it started, but finding a mirror set under the floorboards of Grace's house belonging to Eliza Bailey was raising a lot of speculation. 

The Tilikum squirrels are up to their usual mayhem and Princess Squeaker is still bringing gorgeous men down to their knees.  And Gram is her usual calm self despite everything. 

Asher and Grace, Evan and Fiona, Gavin and Skylar, Logan and Cara, and Levi and ...... this is one series I'm going to miss after Levi's story.  I am so invested in the Bailey family and the small town of Tilikum that I think I might actually be in tears when Levi gets his HEA.  The series is that good.  Claire Kingsley gives you all the emotions.  This book made me laugh and cry and then turn around and want to kick butt.

I highly recommend not only this book and series but anything written by Claire Kingsley!  


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