Sunday, May 2, 2021


Quinn decided that she wanted to be a unicorn every day.  Much better than waiting tables and taking orders from rude people.  Besides, she got fired after dumping tomato soup over a jerk's head.  She's heading out the door for a kid's party to do face paintings when she looks up to see the most gorgeous man ever.

Roman is lugging the seven-year-old daughter he didn't realize he had until a few days ago.  Well, that he forgot he had until social services contacted him.  Now he was dragging her around town with him delivering eviction notes.  He needed a babysitter desperately. 

I loved this book.  I love all the characters.  Quinn's sense of humor and determination to help Ivy.  Roman can't get anything right no matter how hard he tries.  The storyline kept me hooked from page one.  It was nice seeing Belle and Cade again.

I highly recommend this book!  Just like the Billionaire Blooper, it kept me laughing and I read it straight through.  Another great read by Lolita Thorne!

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