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Makayla was returning to her small hometown to take over the newspaper when her dad told her he was not only retiring but shutting the doors.  Not only was it the only newspaper in town she grew up spending time at Charmed Gazette with her dad.

Nicholas left the Marines and was now a firefighter for the Town of Charmed.  He can't believe his eyes when Makayla enters the diner.  He hasn't seen her in two years.  He's pretty sure she's deliberately avoided him the last few years when she's been back to visit her parents. 

Why and for how long is she back?  And how was she going to handle his news?

I loved this book!  Makayla and Nicholas are amazing together.  I loved watching them reignite their love without the town's interference, especially when Makayla gets the surprise of her life.  I love all of the characters!  Autumn is the friend everyone wants.  Nicholas's buddies support of each other as they transition to life after serving in different branches of the military. 

This book is very well written and the characters are well developed.   I highly recommend this book and look forward to seeing what else will happen in the Town of Charmed.  

Luke may have a pretty face, but that's all he has going for him.  Autumn can't remember what exactly he said to her on their first meeting,  but she's never met a more terrible and condescending person in her life!

When her best friend, Makayla, decided to return to her hometown and take over the newspaper from her father Autumn decided to move with her.  She wasn't happy in her public relations job and the man she thought she would marry turned out to be cheating ba$tard. 

Now, Makayla wants her to interview Luke for the paper!  She didn't care that he was a hero, she didn't want to do it!!!

I loved this book!  Wow, do the sparks fly between Luke and Autumn.  Everything out of Luke's mouth seems to piss Autumn off.  It's doesn't help that Luke seems to get a kick out of it.  This is the second book in the Charmed series.  I love this small town and all its residents.   I love Autumn's feistiness.  Luke is just plain sexy.  

I highly recommend this book.  It is well written and you can feel Luke's frustration trying to heal and get back into society after being injured in the service.  Although it can be read as a standalone I love that the mystery continues in the storyline giving the series cohesiveness besides the relationships that bind them together.   I will definitely be reading more Jean Stokes' novels.

Caroline is back in Charmed and luckily it's on the right side of the tracks this time.  She's excited for a new start and her upcoming job at the hospital as an emergency room nurse.

Dean's mother is on his case again to find a woman and give her grandkids.  Even suggesting he join Tinder.  Is she insane?  Not only does cattle ranching take up all his time meeting someone online is not how he wants to meet someone. 

After running into the sheriff at the diner Caroline knew she couldn't put it off any longer so she drove out to Dean's ranch.  Better she drops the bomb herself instead of him hearing it from someone else.

I loved this book.  The sparks between Dean and Caroline are literally explosive.  The calm Dean seen by the town and his friends flies out the window when he's near Caroline.  Throw a match and they will blow up and kill each other.  I love all the characters and how they support each other.  The storyline and action keep your attention from page one.  This book is very well written and spot on for small-town living.

Hayley took over Wheeler Diner when her grandparents decided it was time to retire.  She doesn't have much of a social life with opening the diner at 6 in the morning and putting in long hours during the day.  She only spent vacation time in Charmed growing up so even if she did have the time she didn't really know anyone. 

Warren is the sheriff of the small town Charmed.  He is also an a$$hole.  He's an over protective father to his eight-year-old daughter Jessie but, he takes pride in his job and the Town of Charmed.  

I loved this book and the whole Charmed series.  All of the characters are amazing.  They are full of depth and personality.   Going into this last book I didn't have a high opinion of Warren from his actions in the previous three books.  He is abrupt to the point of rudeness, but after reading his story he is more like a bull in a china shop emotionally.   Probably due to his military service and being the sheriff.   I'm glad Hayley was able to calm him down.

This series is full of action and the storyline throughout kept my attention from book one to book four.  

I highly recommend this series and plan to read more by Jean Stokes. 

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