Sunday, May 9, 2021

REVIEW - HIS PET by Audrey Rush

Mara was in the doctoral program in college and had chosen Dr. Evans's class since he was the only professor not signed for the Crossing Collaboration Contest.  A contest she needed to win above all else.  She had to prove that despite her younger age she belongs here.

Dr. Nate Evans was known as the billionaire professor and also so disagreeable no one wanted to work with him.  But, Mara was determined. 

When she found out he was attending an S&M dungeon event she decided to shock him by showing up.  She not only showed up but volunteered for his spanking demo.

Nate decided that if she wanted to partner with him for this contest he wasn't going to make it easy for her.  He gave her a massive stack of essays to grade and told her she was now his TA, which meant she had to give up one of her other doctoral classes.  She had to prove she was serious. 

Despite him never getting involved with his students, their major age difference, and her never being exposed to BDSM Nate was having a hard time resisting Mara.  He couldn't lose control again.  He had already ruined and almost killed another woman.  He refused to do that again and his fear is that he would put Mara in danger.

I absolutely loved this book.  The storyline blends well with Zaid and Heather's story and takes off from where Nate was introduced to us in His Toy.  I loved Mara's determination in how far she would go to overcome her insecurities that everyone thought she was too young and didn't belong in the doctoral program. 

This isn't a book of a much older man using his authority to take advantage of a woman.  I love how Nate fought and fought his attraction to Mara and tried to deter and make her hate him at all opportunities. 

The characters are full of depth and feelings.  And the author's written descriptions have me walking the streets of Las Vegas and sitting through lectures.  I highly recommend not only this book and series but Audrey Rush. 

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