Friday, May 21, 2021


It's Friday the 13th and Sabrina is starting it off in grand fashion with a crick in the neck and late.  Then she misses the bus...making her even later.  She finally gets to work and tries to get to the elevator before it closes only to have the elevator eat the heel of her boot.  Only to finally arrive in her office to find out they were downsizing and she is now without a job.

Deciding that she needed something good to happen today she decides to make a date at her favorite coffee shop.  Only to be stood up.  So she gets her favorite drink and pastry to people watch in the park.

As she's sitting on a park bench watching a photograph session Sabrina feels eyes watching her.  The most gorgeous man she has ever laid eyes on is watching her.  Only he's wanting her to leave the bench so they can use that area for the photoshoot.  He may have been gorgeous, but he was an egotistical a$$hole.

Magnus needed to get these photos done to finish up this campaign, but this woman was being unreasonable.  Next thing he knows she has spit her cinnamon latte all over his expensive Italian leather shoes.  Who does that?

Her folder fell from her lap depositing cat cartoon drawings everywhere.   He doesn't know what it is about her but he has his assistant chase her down.  He needs a new EA and he thinks she's the perfect candidate.  After hiring her he realizes he made a massive mistake.   He's now her boss so she is off-limits.

This book is hilarious!  The storyline makes me laugh from the start of the book.  The characters are amazing and the book is so well written and full of depth I felt part of their story. 

Sabrina is feisty and taking none of Magnus's crap.  She didn't care how rich and gorgeous he is.  Magnus is so tightly wound because of his father's transgressions.  He is so determined not to be his father everyone keeps their distance. 

There are many twists in this book, but they give you an insight into the real Magnus.  

This book is steamy smoking hot!!!  The electric chemistry is obvious to everyone even when they think they are a secret.

Highly recommend this book and Nicole Snow!

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