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Captain Frank was standing before the captive Shanks who was refusing to serve on the Aphrodite.  He was told he would serve or walk the plank.  He spit on the Captain's boots and said he would never serve under a woman.

When Pierre told Frankie that LaSalle was on his way to The Pirate's Hideaway run by Morgan MacAlister, a pirate as fierce as Blackbeard, she informed him to change course and follow.  Pierre was not only second in command he was her uncle and he was afraid that her desire for revenge would get them all killed.

Though they were twins Frankie had raven hair with blue-green eyes, but her sister, Kat, had red hair and green eyes.  The only thing they had in common was their temperament. 

When their father's merchant ship was attacked in route from France to Louisiana by pirates, their mother was taken and their father was killed.  Frankie would get her revenge on Jacques LaSalle and if her mother was still alive, she would find her.

When LaSalle arrived in The Pirate's Hideaway he felt something was off when he saw three of Black Jack's ships at port.  Something wasn't right. 

MacAlister had a weird feeling tonight so while Black Jack's crew was at port getting drunk and womanizing he and his best crew snuck on board of Black Jack's personal ship.  When he arrived at the Captain's quarters he found a naked woman chained to the bed.  When Black Jack returns to find him in bed with her a fight ensues in which the woman impaled Black Jack with MacAlister's sword. 

As she unshackled herself she introduced herself as Lola and that The Satin Lady was her ship that Black Jack had taken.  Lola was ecstatic that her treasure was still intact and she would make sure the women made it to England.   Unfortunately, LaSalle discovered her cargo.

MacAlister and his second, Malik, were celebrating with the rest of their crew after successfully taking over Black Jack's two other ships.  That would warn everyone what happens if they tried to take over his harbor.   But, still he couldn't get over the feeling that there was something or someone on their way.

Kat wanted revenge just not as badly as her sister.   She was tired of chasing the elusive black ship.  She was tired of the plotting and revenge plans.  She was tired of all the practice and training.  She was tired.  She just wanted her sister back.  The sister who talked with her about men and the French Court.

I absolutely loved this book of two love affairs!  This story is told from multiple POVs and the storyline is exciting and full of action.  The characters are all amazing and the story so well written I feel like I'm in the middle of these battles.

The characters emotions come through the pages from start to finish.   Frankie's determination to kill the man responsible for the death of her parents.  Kat's dissatisfaction with following her sister on her mission of revenge.  Pierre's frustration with the actions and attitudes of his nieces. 

And then we have two strong-willed, sexy, dominant men who are determined to tame the hellcats.  This book is full of steamy chemistry and sparring between the couples along with some amazing sex scenes.

The story itself is full of intrigue and plot twists.  I was unable to put this book down and am so glad to have found a new author to add to my list of favorites.  

Highly recommend this book!

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