Sunday, May 16, 2021


Juliet needed to patch the hole in the wall before her family arrived for a visit in a few days.  The hole her now very ex put in the wall.  Just because she wouldn't have sex because she had a MIGRAINE!  

As she became more confused the longer the list the store employee was giving her she became aware of a man who was in their aisle watching her.  He turned out to be a contractor and since had everything she would need for the small job he offered to patch the hole for her.  

Shane only asked for her to cook him a meal in exchange for the work.  She could work with that.

Juliet is the office manager of a small medical practice and she is having a hard time concentrating on her job today.  Her boyfriend, Shane, texted her that he wanted to meet her tonight after work and he would text her the address before it was time for her to leave.

They've been dating for six weeks, but that couldn't be a milestone could it?  She was freaking out since he wasn't responding to her message.  Was he going to break up with her?

Finally, it's time to leave and she is pissed.  It took him six hours to respond to her.  Six.  She sets the GPS for the address he texted and wondered what could be in the middle of the woods.  Was he planning to kill her?  Her mind was freaking out with possibilities. 

When she arrives at the destination she is in front of a gorgeous home that is still under construction.   She calms down a bit since she realizes this is probably a house he's building since he is a general contractor. 

Shane gives her a tour of the home he designed for a 'close' friend and then takes her to the most unique part of the home design and leads her literally down the rabbit hole.

This book is amazing.  I really wish I could see this amazing home.  The storyline of the book kept me hooked from the first page.  It is smoking hot and goes from dominant to full submission. 

Juliet entered into a dom/submissive relationship with her boyfriend Shane and he gave her a week to come up a list of her expectations.  So now she's waiting for him at the restaurant and she can't believe he's late.

When he arrives she gets totally turned on when he lays his hand high up on her thigh.  Why is she getting excited?  They're in a very public place, but she is more excited than shocked when he tells her to remove her panties.

When dinner was finally over Shane opened his notebook so they could go over the rules and expectations he had as Juliet's dominant.  

When he takes her back to the construction site she realizes she is sitting at a kitchen table.  A table that hadn't been there on their previous visit.  As she looks around she sees more furnishings and they look a lot like Shane's.   He is the close friend who the house is being built for.  Which means the playroom is truly theirs. 

I love this book and Juliet and Shane's continuing love story.  My best description of this book is think Fifty Shades.  It is smoking hot and kept me turning the pages.


The author of this book was recommended to me by my niece as she knew I read romance and she was hoping I would read her friend's books.  I'm glad she did.  I loved this series.  It is written totally in Juliet's POV which is hilarious since the author is a man.  But, he nailed it.

I loved Juliet and Shane.  Their chemistry is smoking hot from the start.  Skyler Mills is an amazing writer and I would highly recommend this book and series!

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