Thursday, May 13, 2021


Emma needed wine badly!  It had been a year since Dr. Stephen Ford had tried killing her by throwing her off the cliffs, but she just couldn't get it off her mind.  In an effort to terrorize his true target, Sheriff Natalie Bowmann, who he had raped and nearly killed thirteen years before, he decided to kill her, Natalie's best friend.  The serial rapist and killer was determined that his first victim, Natalie, had to die.

She was on summer break from her kindergarten class and the worse part of her attack is that her usual past time of painting was gone.  She hadn't been able to paint a thing since her attack.

As she's leaving the store searching for her sunglasses she looks up and freezes knowing she is going to die as a truck is barreling right at her.  When she was knocked down from the side she was confused at first because her landing was much softer than expected.   When she looked up she realized why.  Chief Deputy Rob Hope had saved her.

Rob was so glad he was there when he saw Old Joe's truck barreling towards Emma who was frozen in place.  The old fisherman had seemed to have had a stroke at the wheel.  With Emma's help, they were able to get Old Joe out of the window.  They just made it out before leaked gasoline set fire blowing up the truck.  Luckily, they survived with minor injuries and Old Joe was going to survive after his stroke.

This is book two of the Sharp's Cove series and it was just as amazing as book one, One Night Years Ago.   It is action-packed as Stephen Ford shows up to finish what he started.

I love Emma and Rob's story.  In the fight for their lives, they still manage to find love.  This series is so well written and suspenseful.   I couldn't put it down and read it straight through.  

The characters are amazing and JR Pace makes you feel like you are part of this small town and working to bring this psychopath to justice.

I highly recommend this book and series and am looking forward to book three!

TWO FAVORS REPAID is book two of the SHARP'S COVE Series!

Start reading TWO FAVORS REPAID today!
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Start reading the SHARP'S COVE Series today!
Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!


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