Saturday, May 29, 2021

REVIEW - MOURNING WOOD by Heather M. Orgeron

Whitney is a make-up her family's funeral parlor.  And the contractors she hired to renovate one of their chapels skipped town...with their money.  When she calls her best friend to help her find a solution to this catastrophe Kate tells her that Beau's cousin is coming back to town to start a construction business. 

That is a firm N.O.  The last time she saw Wyatt was up against the dumpster in an alley off Bourbon Street at her best friend's joint bachelor/bachelorette party.  This was not happening. 

Wyatt and his Great Dane Rufus had just arrived at the fixer-upper he bought to live in when his cousin Beau arrives to tell him he negotiated a contract for him with one of the leading families in the area.  It would give him a big boost in starting his business. 

Beau neglected to tell him it was a funeral home!  He didn't want anything to do with dead people.  Until something else his cousin neglected to tell him about walking out the door to greet him.  Whitney.

One word for this book - HILARIOUS!!!  Glad I wasn't reading this book in public because I was bent over with laughter.  I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard reading a book literally from cover to cover. 

The characters are amazing!  Wyatt is 6'3" and hotter than sin and Whitney looks like an angel.   I love their chemistry and the sex scenes are smoking hot.  And their New Year’s celebration goes from scorching hot to snorting laughter.

There are no words to describe Priss except she is priceless.  And the things that came out of that child's mouth kept me in stitches. 

All of the characters are well developed and even the four-legged characters are full of life....well, except Fred and Wilma, but that's another story. 

This storyline had my attention from the beginning and I was unable to put this book down.  The book is very well written and the writer brought the story through the pages to where I felt I was there through every bit of laughter, tears, and nauseous event.  I highly recommend this book and will definitely be reading more by Heather Orgeron. 

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