Sunday, May 9, 2021

REVIEW - MR. CHARMING (NOT) by Lindsey Hart

It's not bad enough that the company she works for was bought out and the new owner's grandson will be their new CEO, but as she is trying to get ready for a meeting where he will meet all the employees her ex-fiance was outside her building texting how sorry he was and wanted to get her back.  Emily was so over it.

Emily rushes outside the building to get rid of ex-a$$hole and when he tells her that if she doesn't take him back no one will have her she tells him she's already moved on and impulsively grabs a man and kisses him.  Only to realize what a bad mistake it was when he releases her from THE BEST KISS EVER that she grabbed her new boss!

Asher is awakened before six in the morning by his livid grandmother.   The kiss was on the front page of four newspapers and several rag magazines.   She told him no more scandals, but this wasn't his fault and how was he to know he would be accosted and that there would-be photographers.  But, he has a plan on how to get rid of the paparazzi.   

This book was hilarious.   You only really get to know Asher, Emily, and Granny, but they are wonderful characters!  And what a character Granny is!  

I highly recommend this book and if you haven't already read the series you need to.  Love anything by Lindsey Hart!!!

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