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Madelyn, Mads for short, had been entreated by her dying mother to travel to Pirate's Hideaway to deliver a black leather bag to Jacques LaSalle, the Gentleman Pirate, personally.  So she was trying to get her cousin Snipes to pose as her husband on the trip.  She was also going to have to bring her nine-year-old brother, Thierry, so he wouldn't be left alone when their mother passed.

Captain Josiah Wingate was in France to pick up any missives that may be awaiting LaSalle.  The last of the provisions were being loaded when a man rushes on board requesting passage for his family stating it was urgent they deliver something to LaSalle and it was a life and death situation.  And sure enough, as they were racing to the ship another carriage was hot on their heels.

Snipes felt that Mads only recourse regarding Gustavo was for her to find someone to marry because he was pretty sure that he was on their trail and would try everything underhanded thing he could to get his hands on Mads.  But, he had a plan for his cousin. 

Gustavo was determined that Madelyn would be his wife.  But why was she on her way to Pirate's Hideaway?  Was it a coincidence that was the ship's destination or did she seek out LaSalle?  LaSalle had stolen the woman he loved.

This is the third book of the Revenge series and they really need to be read in order to get the full backstories.  As with the previous books, there are multiple romances and POVs in this story.  We have Jacques and Frankie, Josiah and Mads, and then Snipes and Rosalie.   

The storyline is full of more than one twist and surprise and is full of action.  I really love all of the characters and the life that the author brings to them.  I really enjoyed this series and am looking forward to reading more books by Brandy Golden.  Highly recommend!

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REVENGE IN THE CARIBBEAN is book three of the REVENGE Series!
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