Saturday, May 15, 2021

REVIEW - HIS TO TRAIN by Skylar West

Dean knew that Maggie's dad needed someone to protect her he hoped that would be him one day.  But, for now, she was too young having just celebrated her thirteenth birthday.   He was two years older than her and he could wait, but he would leave his mark and claim her.

When he found out how stupid she had been agreeing to meet someone she met online he was livid.  Especially since he turned out the be a pedophile.  Yes, she definitely needed spanking.

When he graduated he not only had a football scholarship but was Valedictorian and was in total shock when their fathers pulled him aside to announce that he and Maggie were to be married when he finished school to unite their families.

Seven years later he is standing waiting for her to come downstairs.   He's only seen her on social media since her graduation and she's more gorgeous in person.   And spoiled.  That was going to change.

Unlike the story spread by his family, when Dean left college he went to learn the business from the largest criminal crime organization in Chicago.  Although like Maggie's father, Jimmy, he had no intention of joining the illegal organization.   His education was how to avoid the pitfalls of illegal activities, but still get things done. 

Now he just needed to give his brat fiance an attitude adjustment so her can keep her safe.  Especially, since old enemies were emerging to be even bigger threats.

Book one of this series, His to Learn, is about Maggie's dad.  I love how this book transitions seamlessly from his story to hers.  I love Maggie and Dean.  Their passion sizzles through the pages as she fights giving up total control.

I love the continuing suspense of these stories and grow the storyline from one to another.  Even though they could be read as standalone novels I feel you don't truly get the depth of everything unless you start from book one.

I love all the characters - old and new.  Skylar West brings this mafia story to life from page one until you flip the last page.  It is full of action and suspense, but also dominant romance.  I highly recommend this book and series!

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