Sunday, May 9, 2021

REVIEW - HIS PAIN by Audrey Rush

Hazel had met Eric at the Great Pleasures Palace Casino and what she thought was a friendly, flirtatious bet had actually been a debt.  Although she didn't mind being one of his many house slaves because she was into pain.  And it was better than the alternative of jail and the consequences of disobedience of Eric's demands could mean death.

Hazel was at an Afterglow party.  Weird it was at someone's home instead of the club, but that meant better access to restrooms.  The stupid guy had broken her one rule.  Not her face.  Bruises anywhere else, but not her face.  As she was trying to clean herself off the guy had raided her purse and stole the bag of cocaine Eric gave her and instructed her to take it all.  When she left the restroom he was dead on the floor - the baggie beside him.

Grant was 6'6" of pure muscle and lead security advisor to Zaid.   Per Zaid's instructions, Hazel was put into an underground cell along with the other prisoners.  Other followers of Eric.  When her sister came to Club Hades searching for her missing sister, Zaid had him move her from the cell to a cage in the basement of Zaid's home.

The whole way walking from the cells in the woods to the house she tried to convince him of her innocence.  That Dean had stolen the drugs from her purse.  Drugs that Eric had intended for her.  But, Grant couldn't trust her.  All of Eric's followers were liars and killers.

This book was amazing!  I really didn't care for Hazel in the first two books because she just came off as a selfish brat who blamed everyone for her problems.  It was nice getting to see the true Hazel.  I just love Grant.  He was trying to do what he thought was best for Hazel.   

The characters are wonderful and I love how the whole series storyline wrapped up.  The Afterglow series would make an awesome Passionflix series!

Highly recommend!  Love Audrey Rush!

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