Sunday, May 16, 2021


Juliet entered into a dom/submissive relationship with her boyfriend Shane and he gave her a week to come up with a list of her expectations.  So now she's waiting for him at the restaurant and she can't believe he's late.

When he arrives she gets totally turned on when he lays his hand high up on her thigh.  Why is she getting excited?  They're in a very public place, but she is more excited than shocked when he tells her to remove her panties.

When dinner was finally over Shane opened his notebook so they could go over the rules and expectations he had as Juliet's dominant.  

When he takes her back to the construction site she realizes she is sitting at a kitchen table.  A table that hadn't been there on their previous visit.  As she looks around she sees more furnishings and they look a lot like Shane's.   He is the close friend for who the house is being built.  Which means the playroom is truly theirs. 

I love this book and Juliet and Shane's continuing love story.  My best description of this book is think Fifty Shades.  It is smoking hot and kept me turning the pages.

I highly recommend this book and series!

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