Sunday, May 9, 2021

REVIEW - HIS TOY by Audrey Rush

Heather was in Vegas on the hunt for her sister who only left her the cryptic email message - find me in the afterglow.  And although she couldn't find out much information about the place she finds herself outside Club Hades.  When she gains access she is in shock.  What was her sister doing hanging around an S&M dungeon?

Zaid found a woman in his club looking for her sister.  Nothing good would come from her searching for her sister and coming under Eric's radar.  And nothing but harm would come her way if she continued questioning the members of his club.  Eric and those associated with him had been banned from this club.  So he had someone show her to the door.

Tonight ended with the monthly auction where those who wished could auction themselves off for 24 hours to the highest bidder.  All proceeds would go to a local abuse shelter as an anonymous donation.  The last person up for auction should not be there.

Zaid has plans to exact his revenge against Eric.  He warned her to stay away, but she just walked into his hands.  

I absolutely loved this book!  The storyline kept me captivated from the very start.  The suspense of how the revenge would play out.  I love all the characters.   Heather with her willingness to do anything to protect her sister.  Zaid thinks he's a monster, but in truth does everything in his power to protect Heather and the others.

I highly recommend this book.  It is full of action and intrigue, but also sexy in a dominant way.  Another great book from Audrey Rush!

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