Monday, May 3, 2021

REVIEW - LOVE TO HATE but Jean Stokes

Hayley took over Wheeler Diner when her grandparents decided it was time to retire.  She doesn't have much of social life with opening the diner at 6 in the morning and putting in long hours during the day.  She only spent vacation time in Charmed growing up so even if she did have the time she didn't really know anyone. 

Warren is the sheriff of the small town Charmed.  He is also an a$$hole.  He's an overprotective father to his eight-year-old daughter Jessie but, he takes pride in his job and the Town of Charmed.  

I loved this book and the whole Charmed series.  All of the characters are amazing.  They are full of depth and personality.  Going into this last book I didn't have a high opinion of Warren from his actions in the previous three books.  He is abrupt to the point of rudeness, but after reading his story he is more like a bull in a china shop emotionally.   Probably due to his military service and being the sheriff.  I'm glad Hayley was able to calm him down.

This series is full of action and the storyline throughout kept my attention from book one to book four.  I highly recommend this series and plan to read more by Jean Stokes. 

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