Sunday, May 30, 2021

REVIEW - POLAR HEAT by Mary Winter

Aud was doing research in the Arctic Circle studying p.olar bears when the weather forces her and her partner Svein to shelter in the cave.  They had just taken the temperature readings on a hibernating pregnant Polar bear and were on their way back to camp when they had to take shelter.

Sexy intellectual men were Aud's downfall and Svein's 6'5" cut body and gorgeous looks were driving her crazy.  It was so hard staying professional with him around because all she wanted to do was jump his body.

At first Svein wasn't happy when Aud had been given leadership of their research team, but after time he began to respect her mind as well as her beauty.  He knew she wanted to get back to camp to publish their research and he wanted to assure her that regardless of the weather he would get her back safely, but he was hoping to put that off.

He didn't think she was ready for the information of how he would accomplish it.

I loved this book!  It may have just been a novella, but it is very well written and full of scorching hot sex.  I love Aud and Svein and especially love her reaction to Svein being a polar bear shifter.

Highly recommend this book!

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