Friday, May 28, 2021


Maeve's memories were trying to draw her under.  She was ten when her world fell apart all caused by her dear old daddy and Jack O'Reagan.  It was the day that she lost her best friend and her dad walked out on his family.  Leaving her and her brother Declan in the care of their drunk mother.

She just arrived home from college and finds food crusted on dishes, take-out bags everywhere.  Looks like she'll be spending the weekend cleaning before she can study.  

When no one answers her calls she approaches the study to find a man over her brother who is covered in blood and her mother cringing on the floor.  Another man puts a gun on her back.  What has her brother gotten them into?

Her drug-addict brother owes twelve grand and if he doesn't pay within 24 hours they are coming for her and rape is the least of her concerns since they mentioned brothel.

Jack has always run the family's clubs but today was the first of his trials before his dad would hand him the crown.  He will be King of the Eastern Irish Mafia.

He pulls up to the farm to await instructions.  Unfortunately, when his uncle arrives and they begin the transfer of cocaine to the jeeps his face is covered in blood as a shot rings out and blood starts spurting from his uncle's neck.

Maeve has no choice but to approach Jack for a loan.  She just never expected and was appalled at what he wanted as payment.

I love this book!  The characters are amazing and full of depth.  Maeve has hated Jack since he called her scum when they were children.  Of course, she still hated him.  But why did he look so sexy and you should bottle his scent.

Jack had wanted Maeve for as long as he could remember, but she had always been off-limits to him.  He is not passing up this opportunity to finally have her as mine.  Let me just say that you need a fire hose to cool down their smoking hot sex.  If they could have just used their words they may have avoided many of their problems.

This is bloody Mafia to the bone.  You have brutality, murder, addictions, fighting among the ranks, and don't forget smoking hot sex.

I loved the plot and the storyline was full of action and suspense.   Love Vi Carter!

MAFIA PRINCE is book one of the YOUNG IRISH REBELS Series


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