Saturday, May 15, 2021

REVIEW - BOUND TO BE HIS by Skyler Mills

Juliet is the office manager of a small medical practice and she is having a hard time concentrating on her job today.  Her boyfriend, Shane, texted her that he wanted to meet her tonight after work and he would text her the address before it was time for her to leave.

They've been dating for six weeks, but that couldn't be a milestone could it?  She was freaking out since he wasn't responding to her message.  Was he going to break up with her?

Finally, it's time to leave and she is pissed.  It took him six hours to respond to her.  Six.  She sets the GPS for the address he texted and wondered what could be in the middle of the woods.  Was he planning to kill her?  Her mind was freaking out with possibilities. 

When she arrives at the destination she is in front of a gorgeous home that is still under construction.   She calms down a bit since she realizes this is probably a house he's building since he is a general contractor. 

Shane gives her a tour of the home he designed for a 'close' friend and then takes her to the most unique part of the home design and leads her literally down the rabbit hole.

This book is amazing.  I really wish I could see this amazing home.  The storyline of the book kept me hooked from the first page.  It is smoking hot and goes from dominant to full submission. 

Although this is book two of Juliet and Shane's story they don't need to be read together as there was no cliffhanger.   As with book one, this is solely through Juliet's POV and so on point that is surprising that this writer is male.  He is an amazing writer and I would highly recommend this book and series! 

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