Thursday, May 20, 2021

REVIEW - COME UNDONE by Crystal Kaswell


Alyssa is recovering from bulimia and she owes everything to her fiance for saving her life and helping her through her rehab.  The night that he proposes their night is interrupted by his law partner that he is needed at the office to smooth things over for an important divorce settlement.

Alyssa is upset that he thinks so little of this special time that he goes into the office without a second thought.  When she insists on going with him so that they can continue their celebration afterward he finally agrees, but instead of her relaxing comfortably in his office he makes her sit in the waiting room.

When Alyssa is introduced to his business partner she is in shock.  He is the total opposite of her fiance.  Tall and covered in tattoos.  Oh,, and SMOKING HOT!  When they shake hands the shock of electricity is nothing she has ever felt before.  She keeps repeating to herself "I am engaged...I am engaged".

Alyssa agreed to take a year's sabbatical from her acting career to get control of her bulimia and be healthy again.  Will she be able to resist Luke or will she let her gratefulness to Ryan for saving her life regardless of his condescending and controlling ways keep her away from Luke and acting?  Does she love Ryan or is he just holding her back?

This is an emotional book covering both Alyssa's confusion about her feelings and how she feels that she won't survive without Ryan's continued support for her bulimia.  This book is from Alyssa's POV, but you can feel the frustration and rage from both Luke and Ryan.  I hated for this book to end and look forward to reading the rest of their story.  I highly recommend this book!


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