Sunday, May 30, 2021


Marissa has learned to always watch over her shoulder.   She's not a bad person she's just done bad things for bad people.   She left Los Angeles after dropping out of high school and headed east and that's how she ran into Marcus and Joe.  She's been running "supplies " for them for the last fifteen years.

She is on a run into Canada when she has to pull into a small town for gas, restroom, and snacks.  As she's about to leave the convenience store with her haul she notices people around her car.  Not people....police with a drug dog.  She cannot get arrested.  Losing his drugs AND getting arrested Marcus will not be happy.  So she does the only thing she can.  She goes out the other exit and runs.

Duncan worked in the local mines until his lungs said no more.  Like most people born and raised in Borden Falls, he was a wolf.  And the Jameson family was more than happy to pay accident insurance to have one less wolf in their company. 

Marissa is unprepared for the cold having on only a windbreaker, but she keeps running until she slips on rocks and barrels down a ravine breaking a wrist and banging herself up.  When she lands on the bottom she hobbles on her twisted ankle and tries to find a way out of the ravine.  Only to hear the snap of metal and feel horrendous pain in her calf.  She looks down to see the trap and before she passes out she sees the yellow eyes of a wolf.

This book is wonderful.  I love the characters and the storyline.  Duncan shifts from human to wolve seamlessly and the book is so well written that even being a shifter seems real to life.

I love Marissa and even though she has made some bad choices in her life you know she is a good person just looking for a place to belong.  Duncan is a gentle beast and does everything he can to take care of and protect Marissa.  Their sexual chemistry is off the charts.

The image of Duncan and the sheriff moving her car is something I would love to see.  I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it and Jean Stokes!

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