Tuesday, May 18, 2021


Sophie was attending a gala for her boss since he was staying home with his pregnant wife.  It isn't bad enough that she was dodging Dr. Handsy Perv, but the woman who rescued her wanted her to join her and her husband for a threesome and drugs.  Why do these things always happen to her?  Her only escape route is over the balcony.  Luckily, she was on the 2nd floor and there were spare sheets.

She thought her day couldn't get any worse and then a stranger caught her climbing down and could clearly see she was going commando.  She looks up and can't believe who saved her from killing herself.  Luckily, he didn't recognize her.

Cox was in bad need of an investor after losing one due to the sex scandal of his former partner.  If he could get Shepherd Calloway on board he would be set.  The only time he could get a meeting time was while Shepherd was in Las Vegas for meetings.  Imagine his shock when he arrived at the meeting to find the gorgeous woman he rescued at the gala.  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.....or not.

I loved Sophie and Cox's story.  Sophie and her accident proneness and having no clue how gorgeous she is.  Cox is just plain sexy with a Texas twang.  When their memories come back piece by piece their Vegas antics will have you on the floor.  Cox convinced Sophie to stay married for a few months to help him away from bad PR, but he just didn't want it to end.

I love the girl's Circle of Trust.  I love the continuing relationship with all the characters and we meet at the Miles' winery again.  I was in tears at the end of this book, but they were such happy tears.  I can't wait to see what Claire Kingsley has up her sleeve for Nora!  

While listening to the audiobook of Marrying Mr.Wrong I almost forgot how much I hated Athena when first reading the book.  But, that woman is evil.

Savannah Peachwood and Aiden Snow were amazing narrating this novel!  They were the perfect voices to bring Sophie and Cox to life.  

Aiden with his sexy voice.  I'm not really into cutesy pet names, but every time when he would say "Sugar Bug" I swooned.  Savannah is the perfect Sophie tentative and clumsy. 

I loved reading Marrying Mr.Wrong, but listening to the audiobook really brought the characters alive.  Highly recommend!


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