Friday, May 28, 2021

REVIEW - HIDDEN LIES by Lydia Reeves

There had been too many things happening in her life over the last 8 months and she was tired of it all.  Her aunt became her guardian after the death of her parents in a house fire meaning she had to leave all she knew in California to move to Chicago. 

Now Camilla was on a plane to attend her senior year of high school at the prestigious Lost Lake Academy in Maine.  She just needed to put up with it for a few months when she turned eighteen and she vowed to return to L.A. to become an apprentice at the tattoo studio her mother had owned with Owen.

Until then all she could hear was her Aunt Naomi's voice repeating over and over again "You'll want to make a good impression".

When she arrived on campus she feels like Dorothy.  This is nothing like the public high school she had attended in Los Angeles.  Her room....was not a room, but a suite of four rooms with a common area and bathroom. 

Evidently, you had to BE someone to attend this school and her roommates definitely were.  Frank's (Frances) father owned a huge tech company, Julie's mom was a politician, and Nora's dad was the #1 heartthrob blockbuster movie star.  Just because grandfather and his father before him attend this school didn't mean she belonged and she couldn't wait for her birthday so she could leave.

As she gets distracted from the school tour a good-looking guy deliberately rammed into another gorgeous man knocking him off his feet.  Was that a school requirement?  Were all the men here model gorgeous?  When she sat down with her roommates in the cafeteria, which seemed more like a high-end restaurant, the blond who deliberately ran into the other guy turned out to be her roommate Julie's boyfriend, Drew.

Then her attention was drawn to a table across the room where mesmerizing green eyes were burning into her.  The one Drew had knocked over.  Nora and Frank told her to avoid those three men (Garrett, Micah, and Devan) at all costs.  In the three years, everyone had attended no one knew a thing about them and the rumors surrounding them weren't good.  They spoke to no one except each other.

A warning that did her no good.  Micah was in her Advanced Drawing class.  Nora, Julie, Garrett, and Devan were in her English Lit class.  Drew, Devan, Garrett, and Micah were in her Organic Chemistry class.  She couldn't escape them.

I loved this book!  All of the characters are well developed and the writer brings them to life throughout the pages.  Camilla is surprised that she gets along so well with her roommates with who she has nothing in common.

Drew is a douchebag and the tension between him and Camilla is chilling at times.   The sexual chemistry between Camilla and the three out of bound guys, Garrett, Micah, and Devan, is smoking hot, but they hold secrets.  Deadly secrets.

This book is full of romance, suspense, and danger.  The past tragedies that bind them all together are just one of the twists in this story.  I can't wait for the next book in this three-book series for the continuing story.  

I highly, highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more by Lydia Reeves. 

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