Sunday, May 2, 2021

REVIEW - BILLIONAIRE'S SECRET BABY by Scarlett King & Michelle Love

Cohen was co-owner of the Whispers Resort and Spa with his four brothers.  As he was strolling through the lobby he couldn't believe his eyes.  The only woman to ever break up with him was walking in front of him with a little girl.

Ember looked up to see her worse nightmare.  The man she had spent a heavenly week with seven years ago was standing in front of her.  Her sister's ex-boyfriend and her daughter's father.  A daughter he didn't know he had.

I loved this book. The storyline kept my attention from cover to cover and the characters are wonderful.   Maddy is just adorable!  Ember ran hot and cold, which did bother me a bit.  She would tell him one thing and then give off different vibes.  The chemistry between Ember and Cohen was smoking hot.

I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more books by Scarlett King & Michelle Love. 

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